Wrangler Classic

The Wrangler Classic

Made with livestock in mind

The Wrangler Classic Barn has been around for 23 years. It was designed to fit the needs of every Horseman and the facility that they can dream up.  It also fits the needs of every type of horse, livestock or any other pets that you may own.

West Valley

We offer barns in 10', 12' and 16' modular stall options

West Lake

Any size that will fit your needs, all without charging you the custom price.


Installation that customers can put up on their own and specialized fronts for feeding your livestock

All Wrangler Classic Options:

5/8 in 12 to 6 in 12 roof pitches

12' or 16' wide breezeways

Gable or Raised breezeway

Several stall front options

Back doors

Sliding or swing doors

Breezeway doors

Feeder and waters

Galvanized or colored roof

Tack room, feed room and hay storage

Cowboy porch and overhangs

Foaling walls