Premium Classic

Premium Classic Barns

Exterior Finishes

Hardie Cement Board

The Hardie is a wood looking panel made of cement painted any color that you choose.

Tongue and Groove Wood

One of our most popular inside stall front finishes.

Interior and Exterior Finishes

We take pride in the quality of materials that we use for our barns.

Premium Classic Barn Options:

Laminated walls

Vertical grill bar fronts with feeder doors

Sliding stall doors

3 in 12 roof pitch standard

Colored roof

Insulated roof

12' wide breezeway

Other Premium Classic Barn Options:

Other roof pitches

16' breezeway

raised breezeway with fiberglass closures

Run doors

Breezeway doors

Foaling walls

Tack room, feed room and hay storage

Cowboy porch and overhangs

Garage doors

Extra stall heights

Benjamin 8 Stall
BluffDale 8 Stall
Bluffdale Arena and Barn
Herriman 8 Stall
Las Vegas 12 Stall
Las Vegas 14 Stall
Oakley 6 Stall
Ojai Trainer Barn
Silvercreek 8 Stall